HEAL is the U.S. fundraising arm of NPHHC and is dedicated to supporting its mission to eradicate disease and poverty in Ethiopia.

Our results are a reflection of our generous partners who support our cause through both financial donations and volunteerism. Thanks to their inclusive participation and caring attitude, we have been able to exceed our own lofty expectations.
I enthusiastically support Nutrition Plus Holistic Home Care (NPHHC) because I have known its Volunteer Founder and Executive Director Ms. Mentaub “Menty” Araya for over 30 years, since she worked in my administration when I served as Mayor of Atlanta. Therefore, I can attest to Menty's competence, integrity and dedication to service.

Over the past 10 years, NPHHC has provided home health care, nutrition and financial support for thousands of orphans and households affected by HIV/AIDS and povert. NPHHC is also engaged in economic empowerment activities for poor rural women and older orphans, enabling them to become self-sufficient and active participants in the development of their respective communities.

I encourage you to support this noble and life-changing venture by NPHHC with your financial and in-kind resources.
— Andrew J. Young Chairman, Andrew J. Young Foundation
NPHHC is doing important work at the grassroots level in Ethiopia. I support the organization because I know the Executive Director well; having worked with her in the administration of former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young. I know her integrity and I know her commitment. I know that the work being done makes a big difference in Ethiopia.

In my view it is a moral imperative to use the resources at our disposal here in the United States to assist people who are less fortunate. It's the right thing to do, regardless of your faith, to feed the hungry and clothe the naked.

I am proud to have been a supporter of this worthwhile organization for the past five years.
— Rodney K. Strong HEAL Board Chair
We are fortunate to have Mentuab (Menty) Araya at the helm of Nutrition Plus Holistic Home Care. I have known Menty for 32 years, and her passion and commitment to the underserved people of Ethiopia is remarkable.

I am fortunate to have witnessed this first hand on a recent trip to Ethiopia.

Menty and the staff of Nutrition Plus are ideally suited to carry out the mission of the organization - mitigating the impacts of HIV/AIDS, poverty and empowering poor women and girls.

The needs are infinite. Resources are stretched to the limit and competition for new funding is fierce. Please open your hearts and give generously.
— Melinda Langston HEAL U.S. Volunteer
Over our five-year partnership, we have witnessed NPHHC's strong capacity in engaging communities in participatory development and ability to bring different groups of people together for a common cause- serving those in need with unquestionable transparency.

NPHHC introduced an innovative way to involve the community in responding to the needs of marginalized groups by creating Woreda Advisory Committee (WAC)-a selected representative group from the community and establishing parent /teacher association (PTA), health care facilitators (HCF), "give-a-goat", promotion of school and household gardening, provision of educational health and psychosocial support, vocational training and seed inputs to older orphans, and institutional capacity building through provision of books and library materials to schools, as well as facilitated the reunification/fostering' of street kids with families and guardians.

Over the five years of the project period, NPHHC has reached over 550 OVC with essential services that improved their lives.
— Wallegligne Alemaw PCI/Ethiopia Country Director
This is to testify that Nutrition Plus Holistic Home Care is one of the Program Implementing Partner Organizations (IPOs) of Pathfinder International Ethiopia since April 01, 2005 to date.

The IPO implements HIV and AIDS Prevention, Care, and Support programs in Western Hararghe Zone in Chiro, Tulo, Oemechis, and Meiso woredas, where it is currently working with 780 family members of PLWHAs, 120 bedridden patients, and supporting more than 150 PLWHAs and OVCs with school support and lOA with PI-E/SIDA funding, technical assistance, and capacity building input.

During our partnership, Nutrition Plus Holistic Home Care has been found a reliable partner in the implementation of the above programs and leveraging the resources provided with additional funds from other sources.

We therefore recommend Nutrition Plus Holistic Home Care as partner to other stakeholders, for we know the organization to be reliable in delivery of services, for its integrity and reliability in submitting program and financial reports in timely manner.
— Tilahun Giday Pathfinder International Ethiopia
NPHHC program activities were made possible through funding and contributions from the following:
  • Swedish International Development Agency (sida / Pathfinder International-Ethiopia (PI-E)
  • PEPFAR/USAID/ Project Concern International Ethiopia (PCI-E)
  • Hope for African Children Initiative/Care-Ethiopia
  • Addis Ababa HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office (AAHAPCO)
  • African Women Development Fund (AWDF)
  • The Andrew J. Young Foundation
  • The Marguerite Casey Foundation/Attorney Lynn Huntley
  • Menyot Addis Foundations (MAF)
  • Ipas Ethiopia
  • Consortium of Reproductive Health Association (CORHA)
  • Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association (CCRDA)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Hank Aaron
  • Barbara Fage
  • Paul Kulankki